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Gunnfjauns Kapell

Gunnfjauns Kapell was born in the Fall of 1982 on the Baltic Island of Gotland whose roots are clothed in history and legend. Tjelvar was the first man to inhabit Gotland. With the help of fire he broke a curse that had plagued the island, forcing it under water during the hours of daylight. Gunnfjaun was the grandson of Tjelvar, and Gunnfjauns Kapell preserves the rich legacy of Gotlandic folk music.

Gunnfjauns Kapell finds a firm musical base in the folk music of Gotland but brings to this tradition a personal style as well as a living relationship. Their arrangements try to find a form that fully harmonizes with the character of the tune or song. Influences from other folk music traditions are present, and the variety of instruments played provides great potential for variations in the treatment. New compositions in traditional style completes the picture.


Spelar helst live i

Svensk folkmusik

Bengt Arwidsson (mandolin
Charlotte Berg (vocal)
Annika Björkegren (flute
Jan Ekedahl (guitar)
Owe Ronström (fiddle

Ungefärligt pris
Inte angivet


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